The Stones

The Stein family’s affinity for wine can be traced back to the
16th century. In Sankt Aldegund on the Mosel, generations of wine merchants, cellar masters or barrel coopers practiced their professions, winegrowers were often only part-time.
Heinrich and Erna Stein were the first to dedicate themselves completely to winegrowing, in 1948 and founded today’s winery from modest beginnings in the post-war years. Already in the 50s and 60s Heinrich Stein followed an uncompromisingly quality-oriented line in both the vineyard and cellar, independent, eager to experiment and with the courage to take risks. His sons Ulrich and Peter have consistently expanded and refined this approach since taking over the business in 1982.




Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Stein

Viticulture Engineer, Diploma Biologist

Peter Stein








In 2017 a lucky star led Philip Lardot to us. Philip is 31 years old, was born in Finland (!), speaks 5 languages and is a wine enthusiast. The search for a suitable location for his idea of viticulture led him as far as France, but it was the steep slopes of the Moselle that he fell in love with.
He has an excellent taste, already produces his own excellent wines, has extensive professional knowledge and on top of that he is very good at cooking. Philip has a sense of humour and his heart is in the right place. In short: the ideal person to take over our winery.


Heinrich and Erna Stein having a good glass of wine in their beloved Palmberg, they both became 92 years old.

In their long life they worked a lot and went through a lot, but they also experienced a lot and always enjoyed their Riesling. Wine lovers* were always welcome in the winery and also Hein and Erna were welcome guests everywhere at the wine festivals and events of the region.
Erna entertained full rooms with her anecdotes and Hein consistently provided enough wine – and both of them loved dancing – to the applause of the audience.