The Palmberg Terraces are south-facing, protected in a side valley and are a unique natural monument. In this extreme, completely terraced steep slope with countless dry stone walls, fifty to eighty year old, root-true Riesling vines grow on 1.1 hectares. They drive their roots up to ten metres deep into the particularly mineral-rich, stony subsoil of grey and blue slate in order to obtain nutrients and water. In this very labour-intensive vineyard, the vines grow in single-pile training and, with very low yields, produce particularly extract-rich, powerful, crisp wines with pronounced Riesling acidity. In this special location with a slope inclination of over 60 degrees, extraordinarily long-lasting Rieslings of all quality levels are produced, including elegant, dry Kabinettes, full-bodied dry and finely tart Spätlese and – depending on the vintage – opulent, noble sweet Auslese.